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Maralec powers ambitions.

Exclusive partner of Marathon Electric Generators
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Marathon Generators' Exclusive Supplier.

Maralec International B.V. is the exclusive supplier of Marathon Electric Generators. Maralec offers a wide range of generators for marine, industrial, and offshore.

We stock a wide range of genuine spare parts

Among our diverse range, we proudly stock the DVR24000 & 2500 and the SE350, PM500 models, which are celebrated for their reliability and cutting-edge technology in power regulation and management. These parts are crucial for industries that rely on uninterrupted power supply and precise voltage control.

Furthermore, we offer a selection of Basler Voltage Regulators, including the advanced BE2000E, AVC63-12B1 & B2, AVC63-4, and more. These regulators are the backbone of many power systems, renowned for their precision and durability. Their importance cannot be overstated in applications where stable voltage is critical to both safety and efficiency.

We stock Marathon spare parts and a selection of Basler Voltage Regulators

Marathon Voltage Regulators: Precision Control for Optimal Performance

Discover the power of precision with Marathon Voltage Regulators, designed to masterfully manage generator output. The DVR2000E, a microprocessor-based marvel, offers multifaceted control modes such as AVR, FCR, PF, and VAR, ensuring your generator’s output is nothing short of perfect. Its features include programmable stability, protective functions, and generator paralleling capabilities for unmatched efficiency. On the other hand, the compact yet mighty SE350 stands out for its economic efficiency and adaptability. This regulator deftly monitors and adjusts output, maintaining stability amid fluctuating loads. Equipped with a fuse, adjustable potentiometer, and remote voltage adjust rheostat, it’s backed by a robust one-year international warranty. Choose Marathon Voltage Regulators for reliable, high-quality power supply in every application

Basler Voltage Regulators: Ensuring Steady Power with Advanced Technology

Basler Voltage Regulators are renowned for their advanced control mechanisms and robust design, ensuring a stable and consistent power output. These regulators are pivotal in various applications where precise voltage control is critical, such as in industrial machinery, power generation, and distribution systems. They excel in providing superior voltage regulation, safeguarding equipment against fluctuations, and enhancing overall system efficiency. With Basler Voltage Regulators, users benefit from reliability, extended equipment life, and improved operational performance, making them an essential component in modern electrical systems.

Marathon Rectifiers: Transforming Current with Precision and Efficiency

Marathon Rectifiers are electrical circuits designed to convert alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC), a process known as rectification. They come in two main types: half-wave rectifiers and full-wave rectifiers. Half-wave rectifiers convert only the positive cycle of AC into DC using a single diode, while full-wave rectifiers convert the complete AC cycle into DC, using either two or four diodes. These rectifiers are essential in applications where DC power supply and transmission systems are required, especially in high-voltage scenarios. The output from these rectifiers is not purely DC and may have ripples, which can be smoothed out using filter circuits​

Non-Drive End Covers: Robust Protection for Your Machinery

Non-Drive End Covers are essential for safeguarding the non-operational ends of motors and generators in industrial settings. They provide robust protection against environmental elements and mechanical impacts, ensuring the longevity and proper functioning of your equipment. Compact and durable, these covers are a straightforward yet vital addition to maintaining machinery efficiency.