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Maralec powers ambitions.

Exclusive partner of Marathon Electric Generators
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Marathon Generators' Exclusive Supplier.

Maralec International B.V. is the exclusive supplier of Marathon Electric Generators. Maralec offers a wide range of generators for marine, industrial, and offshore.

Powering Industry, Marine, and Offshore

Maralec provides a comprehensive selection of Marathon generators suitable for various applications, encompassing low, medium, and high voltage requirements. These generators offer a power range spanning from 5 kWe to 4.5 MWe, ideal for industrial, marine, and offshore usage.

Robust and Efficient Power Solutions

MARATHON MAGNAMAX® features Marathon’s exclusive Unirotor construction, meaning that the main rotating field consists of a single diecast unit. Cast aluminum fills the damper bar holes, eliminating the need for welding or pins and ensuring

MARATHON MAGNAPLUS® generator ends offer powerful performance, reliable power generation, and easy installation